Hair grow oil with definite results, Indian traditional method

You obviously lose up to a hundred hairs each day. If you’re dropping more than that, you may be experiencing hair loss. Hair loss is also referred to as alopecia and it has several reasons.
Androgenic alopecia is the maximum commonplace purpose of hair loss and is commonly known as male sample hair loss or male pattern baldness.There are also prescription medicinal drugs that can assist.   


What’s the cause?

Keep in mind, there are other causes of hair loss besides androgenic alopecia, including:

  • ~ dietary deficiencies

  • ~ scalp psoriasis

  • ~ anagen effluvium

  • ~ telogen effluvium

  • ~ alopecia areata

  • ~ trichotillomania

But today, we are not going you make shop a product or medicine. We are referring a traditional method of hair gain & control hair loss. You can make it easily at home 


  • ~ Coconut oil 500grm

  • ~ Red Hibiscus 50 to 100grm

  • ~ wasp nest 50 to 100grm


Boil them all, till the oil remains to half, and let it cool down,  after filtering it filling it in bottle,

Use according to your requirement as on hair or beard.

Use :-

  After shave or gantle wash, massage on mustache, Beard Or head. Making sure clean scalp , massage oil daily

You will see results with in one to two week.

Note:- Add Vitamin E on daily Diet,keep your hairs/scalp clean & dust free.

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