Termux Basic Network and engineering tool

Termux Basic Network and engineering tool using for ethical test script and network test tool

Termux is an Android terminal emulator using for software and networking tool script testing.This tool is most useable and easy to work, termux come in Linux interface and using apt package manager.The required tool automatically install on one single click.

Termux feature are:-





5)Ready to scale up


Termux script:-

Many types of scripts are available on the internet. ToolX is kali Linux script and using for network testing and ethical engineering tool, ToolX come with 370+ tools.

Download Toolx from - Tool-X

How to Install

Open the terminal and type the following commands.

  1. apt update

  2. apt install git

  3. git clone https://github.com/rajkumardusad/Tool-X.git

  4. cd Tool-X

  5. chmod +x install

  6. sh install if not work then use ./install


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