Google ends up the unlimited storage from google photos platform from june 1

June 1, Google limiting 15GB for your files across Google Photos, Drive and Gmail

The unlimited storage benefit offered by Google Photos will come to an end. The company has restricted the access to unlimited storage feature for backups on Google Photos and put a cap of 15 GB. This means if this limit is exceeded, the additional storage will have to be purchased from the company. To be sure, this memory space has been split between Google Photos, Drive, and Gmail.

What it means?

Starting June 1, Google will start putting a cap of 15GB for your files across Google Photos, Drive and Gmail. Prior to this, there has been no cap as such on file storage across these Google services. It is therefore advised that users who want to stay within the storage limit, should free up some space by tomorrow. All unwanted photos and videos can be deleted. Infact, downloading Google One will also help users identify the storage use and provide different solutions that can free up storage space. The users who have not used their 15GB storage limit as of now will not be impacted on the immediate basis. Once the storage limit begins nearing, Google account users will be getting notifications.

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